side angle view of glass full of blueberry banana smoothie with straw and items surrounding.

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The best blueberry banana smoothie is a creamy blend of blueberries, bananas, nut butter and non-dairy milk with a hint of cinnamon for a healthy and delicious vegan smoothie that’s quick and easy to make!


  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 cup frozen blueberries
  • 1 tablespoon nut butter (peanut, cashew, or almond butter)
  • 1/41/2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk (plain or vanilla flavored)


Place all ingredients in blender and blend to desired consistency adding more milk or water as needed.

Serves 1


Nut allergies – For those with nut allergies, in place of nut butter try using sun butter (aka sunflower butter). Or use one of the options below.

Extra nut butter. You can double the protein by adding an extra tablespoon of your preferred nut butter.

Protein powder. Add in a scoop of vanilla protein powder for a boost of nutrition, adding more milk as needed to blend.

Add healthy omegas. In addition to, or in place of nut butter, try adding a 1 tablespoon hulled hemp seeds (hemp hearts), ground flaxseed, or chia seeds.