crispy baked kale chips on an oval white plate with black rim

Simple and flavorful, crispy baked kale chips are a delicious, healthy alternative to chips!


  • 1 bunch of kale (curly or flat)
  • 1 tbsp olive oil (I usually use a little less)

Flavor options:

  • mineral salt
  • cracked pepper
  • garlic powder
  • nutritional yeast
  • za’atar
  • spice blend (cajun or chili powder)
  • or whatever you feel like using…


Preheat oven to 325 degrees F.

Prep: Wash kale thoroughly and pat dry. Remove leaves from stem and break up into the medium sized chunks, about 1 – 2 inch pieces.

Add oil + seasoning: Put leaves into a large bowl and drizzle with olive oil. Massage until coated. Add herbs/spices and toss to coat.

Layer: Lay pieces on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper making sure to keep a little space between. Don’t overcrowd them or they may not cook evenly and take longer to cook. Use two baking sheets if needed.

Bake: Place them in the oven on the middle rack for about 10 min. Check after 6 minutes or so and flip any that seem to be browning too much on the edges.


Different types of kale cook differently and you should watch your oven after 10 min until you have perfected your chip. Lacinato kale may cook a little faster and should be watched closely after 10 minutes.

Nutritional information is calculated with 1 bunch of kale and 1 tablespoons olive oil. Spices and additional topping are not calculated as that will depend on what you are using.

RECOMMENDED EQUIPMENT: I love my Silpat or these parchment liners for lining this rimmed baking sheet (affiliate links). And for cooling kale chips, these wire racks are great.