top down view of stuffed avocados on serving board.

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Stuffed avocados anyone? Both festive and fun, they make for a great snack, side or light meal. Enjoy the various ways to stuff your avocados!




Prepare the ingredients. Once you’ve sliced the avocados and removed the seeds, squeeze or rub a little lemon juice on the flesh to keep the browning at bay.

Place the cucumber, bell pepper, jalapeno, onion, and optional garlic and diced tomatoes in a small/medium mixing bowl, add just enough of the hummus or vegan mayo to bind.

Fill avocados and top with salt, pepper and squeeze of lemon. Adding a little chopped parsley will add even more color!


To make raw, use this Raw Spouted Hummus.

Try adding in some freshly chopped herbs to your mixture. You may consider a little dill, oregano, basil, cilantro, etc.

For versatility, try stuffing your avocados with this Greek Quinoa Salad as shown above. Alternately, you can also use:

Nutrition information is for the use of 3 avocados.

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