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Raw Creamy Vegan Miso Soup with Mushrooms

Raw creamy vegan miso soup is made with mellow miso, mushrooms, hemp hearts, and cashews, and blends up into a deliciously healthy vegan soup!

raw creamy miso soup with mushrooms in a rustic handmade bowl with a white spoon

Where to begin with this Raw Creamy Mushroom Miso Soup, except to start by saying how incredibly good it was!

The recipe is adapted from the raw miso soup in Everyday Raw Express, by Matthew Kenney (affiliate link).

The only changes made were adding red pepper flakes & baby bella mushrooms to the mushroom mix, as well as using hemp hearts instead of pine nuts in the soup base.

I was a bit skeptical at first, but it was delicious, and I enjoyed every last drop!

For me this soup was very filling as is. I didn’t need any bread or other grains in addition, although a nice crispy whole grain bread or cracker of sorts would be great to dip capturing the creamy goodness and great flavors of this soup.

marinating mushrooms in tamari, pure maple syrup, and sesame oil

Ingredients You’ll Need

In the recipe, mushrooms are marinated and added to a creamy soup base made of cashews, hemp hearts, and miso creating a light, healthy soup that is packed with umami flavors.

Here is everything you will need:

  • Mushrooms – Use shiitakes & baby Bellas, or your favorite mix.
  • Organic miso – Use mellow flavored yellow or white.
  • Hemp hearts – Pine nuts would be great too.
  • Raw cashews – If you can’t find them locally you can buy them online (affiliate link).
  • Pure maple syrup
  • Dulse flakes – You can use crushed dried wakame, optional.
  • Sesame oil
  • Tamari – Sub with coconut aminos or soy sauce.
  • Lemon
  • Red pepper flakes
  • Salt + pepper
ingredients for raw miso soup on a marble slab and then blended into creamy vegan miso soup

How To Make Raw Vegan Miso Soup

  • Mushrooms: Start with the mushroom mixture by combining the mushrooms with olive oil or broth, tamari, lemon/lime juice, and red pepper flakes. Allow to marinate for at least 30 minutes, stirring occasionally. I really love the flavor of the lemon in the marinade, it’s perfect once combined with the soup.
  • Miso Soup: Place the water, miso, hemp hearts, cashews, and pure maple syrup in your blender and blend until smooth (I used a food processor here, but I recommend sticking with a blender). Taste for flavor, adding mineral salt and pepper as needed. It will have some froth on top. You can either leave it or scoop it off. I scooped most of it off. Add wakame/dulse and let them absorb the soup.
  • Combine: Once the mushrooms are ready, add the marinated mushrooms and their juices to the blended soup and give it a good stir.
raw creamy vegan miso soup blended and then mushrooms added and mixed before serving

Top Tips

  • Use your favorite mushrooms! I used a combination of shiitake and crimini mushrooms here as they came in a variety pack, and I love this combination. But oyster, enoki, or white button mushrooms would all be great too.
  • Don’t skimp on the lemons. I called for juice of 2 lemons, that’s about 2 – 3 tablespoons which is perfect, adding a nice brightness to the marinade.
  • Make it oil-free. I’ve used a little sesame oil in my mushroom marinade, but feel free to omit the oil, using 3 tablespoons of veggie broth instead. A very small amount of toasted sesame oil would be nice here, just start with a little as the flavor is strong and a little goes a long way.
  • Add tofu. For extra protein, add a serving of cubed tofu.

closeup shot of raw creamy miso soup with mushrooms in a rustic handmade bowl with

How To Store

  • Refrigerator: Leftovers will keep for 5 – 6 days in the refrigerator, stored in a covered container. Let come to room temp or gently warm on the stovetop or the microwave.
  • Freezer: It freezes well for up to 2 months! My favorite way to freeze this soup is in these freezer-safe containers (affiliate link), leaving 1/2 inch head space for expansion. You can also freeze larger portions in large ziplock bags or containers. Let thaw before serving.

Serving Suggestions

This raw mushroom soup is easy to make and can be enjoyed all year long as a starter or a complete meal. Here are a few of my favorite serving options:

raw creamy vegan miso soup with mushrooms in a handmade bowl with white spoon lifting up soup

More Easy Miso Recipes!

Miso is welcome in my kitchen essentials and lasts up to a year in the fridge. I use miso to make a nice cup of warm miso broth in place of tea or coffee. It’s versatile and can be used in many ways like this:

If you try this recipe, mushroom miso soup please let me know! Leave a comment and rate it below. I love to hear what you think, or any changes you make.



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5 from 4 reviews

A delicious raw, creamy vegan mushroom miso soup!

  • Author: Julie | The Simple Veganista
  • Prep Time: 35 min
  • Total Time: 35 minutes
  • Yield: Serves 4 – 6 1x
  • Category: Soup
  • Method: marinate, puree
  • Cuisine: Asian
  • Diet: Vegan



Soup Base

  • 6 cups water
  • 1/4 cup organic miso, yellow or white
  • 1/2 cup hemp hearts (or pine nuts)
  • 1/2 cup raw cashews (pref soaked, see notes)
  • 1 tablespoon pure maple syrup
  • 1 tablespoon dulse flakes or crushed dried wakame, optional*
  • himalayan salt & pepper to taste

Mushroom Mixture

  • 1 cup shiitakes, sliced (I used dried, but fresh is best)
  • 1/2 cup baby bella mushrooms or mushrooms of choice, sliced
  • 2 tablespoons sesame oil or vegetable broth/water
  • 2 tablespoons tamari, soy sauce, nama shoyu or coconut aminos (I used tamari)
  • juice of 12 medium lemons or 23 small limes
  • 1 teaspoon red pepper flakes, adjust to your liking

Optional Garnish

  • 1/4 cup wakame, rehydrated and drained, chopped**
  • scallions, sliced
  • shallots, finely diced


Mushrooms: Start with the mushroom mixture by combining the mushrooms with olive oil or broth, tamari, lemon/lime juice and red pepper flakes. Allow to marinate for at least 30 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Soup Base: In your blender, place the water, miso, hemp hearts, cashews, and maple syrup/agave, blend until smooth. Taste for flavor, adding salt & pepper as needed. It will have some froth on top, you can either leave it or scoop it off. I scooped most of it off. Add wakame/dulse, let them absorb the soup.

Combine: Once mushrooms are ready, add the mushroom mix to the blended soup, give a good stir.

Serve as is or garnish with scallions or shallots if you like. Also, feel free to warm slightly before serving, place soup in medium/large pot over medium heat, heat until just warm.

Serves 6


Soaking Cashews: Soaking will help soften the cashews by plumping them up with water and helps the cashews blend easily. Soaking is also said to be beneficial for digestion and mineral & vitamin absorption. If you don’t want to soak the cashews that is fine too!

  • Quick soak. Soak cashews in hot water for at least 5 – 10 minutes or until the water cools.
  • Regular soak: Top with 2 inches of cool water and soak for 2 – 3 hours.

**The wakame was given to me by a friend and was on hand. Because of its many health benefits I will purchase again when I run out. If you don’t have it stocked or it’s hard to find, don’t worry about it, the soup will still be great! It’s a sea vegetable (seaweed), you may consider stocking a package. It comes dried and will last a long time in the pantry. Wakame contains omega 3, and also has high levels of calcium, iodine, thiamine and niacin along with many other health benefits. Use it sparingly here and there – maybe in a nice warm cup of miso broth with some silken soft tofu cubes.

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  1. Wonderfully delicious. I questioned whether I’d like the mushrooms raw, but the marinating worked. I questioned whether I’d like the soup cold, and surprisingly, I did. Thank you for this recipe.

  2. Craellish says:

    Just incredible!!
    I halved the recipe and used spicy sesame oil. It was also my first time using mushrooms!! So good!!
    My raw Daniel fast just got real! Real delicious!

  3. Spiritbird says:

    I am new with all RAW food recipes and out of curiosity if miso paste is raw, or soya and rice are cooked before fermented? I would love to try your recipe it sounds and looks yummy!

    1. Julie | The Simple Veganista says:

      Great question, Spiritbird! Yes, even though miso may start off with cooked ingredients, it is considered a living food once fermented since it contains healthy bacteria and enzymes. Miso is indeed a raw food and an important part of a raw food diet. Hope that helps!

  4. This recipe looks amazing! I just ran out of cashews :( what can I use as a substitute?
    I do have macadamia nut milk.

  5. I made this soup today – Oct 2020 – and it was absolutely delicious. A fantastic satisfying tasty soup. Thank you.

  6. Jackie Robinson says:

    Are the cashews soaked in advance

    1. Julie | The Simple Veganista says:

      Great question, Jackie! I didn’t soak them here, but you can if you prefer. I will update the recipe to include soaking as a note. Thanks for asking, enjoy!

  7. This is a phenomenon! I love mushrooms and especially raw, but I could have never thought of eating them in a soup! I love this recipe and surely I’ll have to make it.

  8. Eating raw mushrooms is not advised. I bet just sauteing the mushrooms first would make this recipe much more nutritious and digestible. Otherwise sounds delicious.

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